The Kingsmen Process: A Step-by-Step guide on how to get your first Kingsmen Suit


Attaining the perfect fit is much easier than you think. Here is a simple and comprehensive breakdown of how to start your Bespoke journey with Kingsmen.

Requesting an appointment
Request an appointment or consultation by reaching out to us on our socials or through this website. Don’t worry, this is commitment-free! You don’t have to feel obliged to push through the process, just test the waters by talking to us.

Visit one of our branches
Once you’ve confirmed your appointment with us, the next part is easy. You just have to show up at your selected branch for your consultation.

Selecting your fabric
Once you are done with the consultation, and you are 100% ready to have your bespoke suit made, it is now time for you to select a fabric or material to best express your style. In Kingsmen, you don’t have to compromise your comfort for style because we can provide both for you.

Styling your suit
Styling a suit may be one of the most fun parts of the whole process. This is where you have the creative freedom to style, design, and customize your suit. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble with this, Kingsmen’s master cutters and tailors are always ready to help and give some suggestions.


Measuring for a bespoke suit
Getting the right and perfect measurement is vital for a bespoke suit. This will be the deal breaker on how the fit will look on you. Good thing that Kingsmen Maestros are highly-trained and specialized in doing just that! They’ll sketch out your suit and send it to the Master cutters and tailors to get the first iteration of your creation.

The first draft
After getting the right measurement, our Maestros will take some time to sketch things out and create the first iteration of your design. This will take a few days and you will be notified when it’s time to come in again for your first fitting.

Fitting of the suit
It is now time to see if the suit will fit well. Certain adjustments can be made through this process. After which, they will proceed with finalizing your suit.

Taking your suit home
The bespoke suit may take a few weeks to finish but once it’s done, you have the choice to pick it up and have one final fitting or have it delivered straight to your home. It’s that simple to get your very own bespoke suit made at Kingsmen.

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