Bespoke vs Ready-to-Wear


Still on the fence about whether to choose a Ready-To-Wear or a Bespoke suit? It can be mind-boggling and requires a heavy and well-thought-of decision as this will determine how you will look and present yourself to others. Here’s a pros and cons list of both options to help you make the difficult choice between the two.

Ready-To-Wear Pros:
– They are usually affordable.
– If you are in the standard size and shape, you will find one to fit you well.
– You can walk in, buy your suit and wear it on the same day.
– What you see is what you get.
– The possibility of finding something interesting.

Ready-To-Wear Cons:
– Particular fits are only appropriate for a particular body type.
– It has a set style and design, so you either take what they have or go to a different place.
– The item cannot be altered or customized in-store.
– The best fabrics are not always available.
– You are forced to accept the items that are readily available.


Bespoke Pros:
– A better fit which means you get a better look.
– It allows you to exercise your imagination and creativity.
– It’s durable. An average suit is expected to have a longevity span of 5-10 years.
– A great investment of your money and time.
– High-quality fabrics and materials that you can choose.
– It can be customized and personalized to your specific needs.

Bespoke Cons:
– It requires you to physically go to a tailor.
– Waiting time can be quite long.
– Refinement meetings are often needed.
– It requires a higher budget compared to RTW.

Hopefully, this list helps you make that decision. In case you decide that a bespoke suit is a right choice for you, click on the Appointments tab and schedule a visit at one of our branches. Our highly-trained Kingsmen Maestros will take good care of you.

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